Grovetown residents explore archery six-week program

Grovetown residents explore archery six-week program

The city of Grovetown offers a six-week archery program for beginner and intermediate levels at the Liberty Park Community Center on Thursday. [ERIKA WELLS/THE COLUMBIA COUNTY NEWS-TIMES]

Erika Wells @Erika_CCNT_AUG

Grovetown resident Myndara Steele gave archery a shot about ten years ago and she has not put down her bow and arrow since.

Each week Steele brushes up on her skills at the archery program the city offers at the Liberty Park Community on Newmantown Road. The Augusta Technical College student is in the most recent session of the intermediate class that began in September.

Steele said the program has helped her improve since her grandmother taught her how to shoot when she was younger.

“When I go to shoot, I’m always thinking, ‘Please don’t miss,’” she said. “I try to keep a steady hand and I hold my breath until I shoot. It’s something fun to get into. It trains your hand-eye coordination and your mind and it’s actually something to do that’s a stress reliever.”

The six-week program is for any who registers and is age 7 or older and is held in the gym and on a baseball ball field behind the facility on Tuesdays and Thursdays with trained instructors.

Earlier this year, the city started the program with just the beginners’ class where bows are provided and participants learn how to properly and safely use the equipment, said Janet Wheatley, the director of leisure and recreation services and a certified archery instructor.

“When you come, we teach you all of the things you need to know in the beginners’ class,” Wheatley said. “It doesn’t matter if you hit the target or get a bullseye; it’s not about scoring. It’s about learning the proper rules to the game so eventually you can enjoy it.”

In addition to the beginner class, the city recently started offering an intermediate option, which requires participants to bring their own bow and arrows and allows them to improve their skills. The class practices shooting from a distance farther than the target each week, Wheatley said.

“In addition to learning the skills, they’re also doing something fun,” she said. “They really like competing against each other but they’ve also made friendships.”

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