Apparel company International Uniform is moving its Broad Street store to Greene Street, and its owner plans to subdivide the former store on the 1200 block into new space for commercial tenants.

International Uniform owner Fred Daitch said the move from 1216 Broad St. to 1203 Greene St. is expected to be finished by February. Daitch, whose company specializes in scrubs and other medical industry garments, plans to turn the Broad Street building’s 10,000-square-foot first floor into as many as four 2,500-square-foot spaces for lease to retail, restaurant and office tenants.

Aside from creating new space in Broad Street’s growing commercial zone, the move to the nearly half-acre parcel at the corner of 12th and Broad – a space formerly leased to a tiny home dealership – will give Daitch’s business much-needed customer parking space.

Parking at the existing store is limited to Broad Street, where spaces are at a premium because of new restaurant, retail, residential and office developments in recent years.

“Parking has been a problem for our Broad Street customers; I’ve seen my sales suffer,” Daitch said. “The new store will be closer to the medical district by about two blocks. It’s a straight shot going into the (Georgia) Cyber Center. I’m revamping the entire business by moving over there.”

Daitch said he plans to house the company’s golf division, which sells caddie uniforms and other golf apparel, into one of the new property’s three buildings. The main medical apparel business will occupy the other.

“We’re revamping the whole business by moving over there,” he said.

The three-story Broad Street building his family has owned since 1930 will be divided into as many as four 2,500-square-foot spaces. Daitch said the building would be configured to enable a tenant to create a 5,000-square-foot or larger space if needed. Daitch said he is unsure what he plans to do with the building’s 10,000-square-foot second and 5,000-square-foot third floor.

He is considering renovating the second floor to market to office tenants and turning the third floor into a residential units. The possibilities are numerous because the building is one of the few on Broad Street with a rear loading dock and parking on Ellis Street.

Daitch said the property was the largest on the 1200 block until the Hyatt House hotel opened earlier this year.

Daitch said he has received interest in the space from a few potential users, including a laser-engraving company, a cigar shop and an artiesian bakery that supplies bread to specialty supermarkets.

The Daitch family has occupied 1216 Broad St. since 1930. The building previously housed Daitch & Co., a wholesale apparel distributorship co-founded by Daitch’s grandfather. Daitch’s father took over the business and later passed it on to him and his late brother. The rise of large retail chains such as Walmart and Target cut independent wholesalers out of the supply chain and forced the closure of Daitch & Co. in the late 1990s.

Daitch founded International Uniform in 1998.

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