Business owners must submit a form to get a refund for their 2021 on-premise alcohol licenses

Augusta-Richmond County is refunding fees previously paid for on-premise alcohol licenses as part of its pandemic relief offerings.

AUGUSTA, Ga. – To provide some relief to the hospitality industry as soon as possible, the Augusta-Richmond County Administrator wants to ensure that business owners know they must submit a form to get a refund for fees previously paid for their 2021 on-premise alcohol licenses.

The Finance and Planning & Development Departments in coordination with Administrator’s Office developed a process to execute the Commission’s Jan. 6 decision to waive or refund the 2021 on-premise alcohol license fees for those licensees renewing their 2020 on-premise licenses. Refund applications were mailed earlier this week to approximately 140 bars, restaurants, and hotels. As the refund applications are returned, Planning & Development will send the received and completed applications to Finance each Tuesday, and checks will be mailed on Friday of the same week. 

For more information about the process to obtain a refund for on-premise alcohol license fees, please contact Julietta Walton at 706-312-5038 or [email protected] .

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