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Visit Monroe, Georgia!

The August/September issue of Augusta Family magazine featured several nearby attractions a short drive away in The Great Day Trip Getaways. One of the places mentioned was Monroe, Georgia. Monroe is a quaint, southern town with...

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Coffee Me Up!

National Coffee Day is Tuesday, September 29th! According to history, the first coffee drinkers were Sufi monks near Mokha, Yemen, in the 15th Century. The coffee seeds spread to the Middle East in 1670, and then later to...

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Moongazing Anyone?

International Observe the Moon Night takes place annually in the month of September or October, usually when the moon is most visible for evening observation. First quarter moons make for great viewing of the moon’s crated...

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Rainy Day Carrot Soup

Tasty soups are a great dinner option for rainy or cooler weather days. Soups are easy and quick to make and require few ingredients. This recipe for carrot ginger soup goes great with grilled sandwiches, chicken salad or a...

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