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Help Stuff the Bus!

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, this year’s Stuff the Bus event is being held online via a virtual shopping cart. From June 17 through July 24th, the United Way of the CSRA is asking for our help. They are holding a virtual...

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Face Mask Manners

Growing mandates by many states have started to require that face masks be worn in public settings. To date, 21 states including Texas, Virginia, Washington, Maryland and California are requiring mask coverings if going outside...

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Special Kids 2020

Our Annual Guide to Special Needs Resources Throughout the CSRA Children with special needs and their families face particular challenges. Disorders and defects may be apparent at birth or present as developmental delays at a...

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Beauty and Bridle

By Dustin Turner • Photo by Chris Thelen “She is fearless; truly fearless. And she has taught me to be courageous. I see her do things that I think a neurotypical child has trouble with. I see her doing it, and I know it’s God’s...

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The History of Succotash

By Kim Beavers here is good reason to wonder about the original Thanksgiving Day menu items. Many dishes of the Pilgrims and Wampanoags’ first meal remain unknown, except for the possibility of succotash. Succotash was a Native...

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Red, White and Blue Pops

These popsicles are a sweet and easy treat to accompany any backyard barbeque. A cinch to make, the pops are a great dessert for younger hands to make while an older child supervises. If you have U-pick blueberry or strawberry...

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