We began receiving wedding photos for our Celebrations and Venues issue of Augusta magazine in late November. With each new group of photos, I noticed the beauty of the natural flora among the images. White magnolias, French blue hydrangeas, crimson zinnias and camellias, towering live oaks and longleaf pines were among the natural backdrops for couples on the big day. Augusta captures the garden beauty of the South, and it translates suitably in wedding photos. We are privileged to have such attractive surroundings to fill the frames of life’s celebrations. 

We are also fortunate to live in a city of beautiful brides and wedding venues. From upscale ceremonies set in formal gardens or artsy estates to countryside receptions and spectacular views, the lucky couples stand out among the landscapes. The personalized celebrations that unfolded in our local venues last year were well worth sharing. 

So, with this issue, we bring readers our collection. It is brimful of the fine details of those in love. There are highlights from eight showcase weddings that epitomize sophisticated fun, good taste and Southern refinement. We have a special feature on The Venues, and our bridal guide is a valuable resource to find photographers, wedding boutiques, cake designers and more. In The Details, we explore all things nuptial from groomsmen gifts to florists to wedding dress trends. 

Lastly, for all those special couples who tied the knot last year — and to those continuing in love everywhere — Augusta magazine celebrates with you in our double issue.



This article appears in the February/March 2022 issue of Augusta Magazine.


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