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By Jennifer McKee

There are so many ways to help the environment, and most of them only require a small change. This is not a comprehensive list, but simple ways to help make the Earth cleaner. It’s easy being green!  

  1. Purchase eco-friendly bags. Buy a lunch pail or reusable lunch bag to cut down on single-use paper or plastic lunch bags.
  2. Use refillable bottles. Reuse single-use and gallon water bottles, but also use refills for dish soap, hand soap and bath & beauty products.
  3. Turn off lights and unplug devices when you’re not using them. When you go out of a room, flip the switch.
  4. Buy recyclable coffee filters and use coffee grounds as fertilizer. Keep your garden green and flowers pretty by using spent coffee grounds to fertilize.
  5. Do laundry in full loads and use cold water to wash garments. This decreases the amount of water and energy used, and also saves you money!
  6. Buy local foods. Support your community and sustainability when you purchase from local providers—it doesn’t have to go as far so emissions are fewer.
  7. Replace fluorescent and incandescent light with LED light bulbs. LEDs use 90 percent less energy and last 25 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.
  8. Consider walking to short-trip destinations. Visiting multiple stores in a strip mall? Don’t start up the car each time, walk from stop to stop.
  9. Keep your car’s tires properly inflated. When they’re low on pressure, you use more gas and create more emissions getting from point to point.
  10. Be thrifty. Don’t throw out clothes, housewares, etc., you don’t use anymore—have a yard sale or clothing swap, or donate them to charity or a thrift shop.

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