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For Rob Lacher, owner of Lacher Construction, it’s in the details of construction where he shines. Since 2012, Lacher Construction has been in the business of building picture-perfect custom dream homes for clients. The Augusta-based company specializes in residential new home construction, providing attention to details from the simple elements of a doorframe to the major components of large budgets.

Lacher, a husband and father of three children, holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, as well as a Masters in Accounting. He has combined his accounting knowledge with home construction experience.

Though Lacher says his accounting background has been extremely helpful with operating his own business and creating extensive budgets for customers, he admits that his true passion rests with architecture. 

“I have a love for details and drawing, so architecture quickly became a passion of mine,” Lacher says. “As my customers know, anytime I have a chance to draw custom architectural details for them, I start right away.” 

Rob Lacher, Lacher Construction.
Rob Lacher, owner.

Lacher’s knowledge of architecture is self-taught, and he dedicates his spare time to learning more about its history and craftsmanship. “I figured if I took 30 minutes to an hour every day to try and learn something new and sharpen my mental tools, it would really help the business I was in,” Lacher notes. “That rolled over into construction. I just fell in love with architecture.”

Lacher credits much of his success in the industry to his circle of mentors in the business, including the very ones who encouraged him to get into home construction. 

“A good friend who knew me well thought I would be good at this and taught me the business,” he says. “I am thankful every day for his insight and mentorship.”

Photo of the Lacher Construction team.
Chris Maciaszek (Operations Manager), Taylor Edmonds (Site Manager), Erin Franks (Office Manager)

Detail Driven

In the beginning, the business started small with the construction of one or two homes in the Rhodes Farm community in Martinez. Today, Lacher Construction’s portfolio includes successful home builds in high-end neighborhoods such as Hammond’s Ferry in North Augusta,  and most recently a $1.8 million project in the River Island community in Columbia County.  

Lacher enjoys recounting home-build experiences, including stories behind customers’ creative approaches to designs, as well as opportunities he has been given to bring a customer’s vision to life.   

One home that was constructed in River Island, Lacher calls a “fascinating house.” The home includes eight bedrooms and 12,000 square feet with an infinity pool overlooking the Savannah River. “Every part of the house is custom. Everything about it is cool,” Lacher says, adding that his own cabinet design is incorporated into the build. “It was fun. [The customer] is an interior designer so she just gave me pictures of inspiration and I would go draw.” 

Inside the house built by Lacher Construction.
 Bang & Olufsen custom wall speakers are an artistic anchor for the dining room.

All of Lacher Construction’s new home builds are unique, some incorporating a traditional architectural style and others more modern. Every detail, he says, is driven by the customer’s vision, with direction from Lacher and his team to make their home special.

“My team and I love the extra details and small nuances that make houses beautiful,” Lacher remarks. “We study architecture and quality construction techniques constantly so that we know the proper way of building new and old. We make it our goal to learn something new every day.”

They put their knowledge to good use to provide an experience for their customers. This is where Lacher says he can employ his knowledge of architecture to provide guidance and get down to the details. 

“It’s just so enjoyable to be able to have customers not know exactly what they want or exactly why a certain type of house is beautiful, but to know ‘this house is beautiful, we like that,’” Lacher says. “For them to be able to show me a picture of what they like, I can create something that is unique to their house.”

At the end of each build, Lacher’s customers are the owners of the blueprints of their home’s unique design. This ensures that designs are never duplicated by the company, and each home maintains its status as a truly one-of-a-kind home.

Architectural Design Work:  Gooj Design, Megan Carranza
Interior Design:  706 Home
Millwork & Lumber:  Maner Builders’ Supply
Custom Carpentry:  Mark Atkins
Countertops:  Armex Stone, Atlanta; Accent Granite 
Hardwood Floors:  Southern Wood Floors, Donnie Wilkerson & Taylor Floor Finishing
Floating Steel Staircase and Cable Wire Railing:  Guillebeau Iron 
Cabinets: Augusta Sash and Door, Thompson Cabinets
Infinity Pool:  Pete Alewine Pools and Spas
Appliances & Outdoor Kitchen:  Fireside Kitchens and Grills
Landscaping:  Logan’s Landscaping
Plumbing Fixtures:  Ferguson 
Shower Door Glass Work:  Carpenters in the Home
Outdoor Lighting:  Outdoor Lighting Perspectives 
Front Door:  Mark Daily
Stucco:  Mahoney Stucco
Stone Work:  The Rock Masonry Company
Custom Tile Work:  Vianey Alonso Rodriguez
Electrical/Light Fixtures:  Atkins Electric and Bosch Electrical 

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