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Classic chocolate covered strawberries are a special  treat no matter the time of year — Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, birthday celebration or any event in between! Entrepreneur Tori Taylor started The Red Berry Co. because she loves chocolate covered strawberries no matter the day. “I love all holidays equally, but I’d say my birthday is my favorite. I’ve literally gotten chocolate covered strawberries since I was like, 10,” she says. 

After years of sampling different versions, she tried her hand at making them, insisting on perfection. “Finding quality strawberries is the most time-consuming part,” she says “I’m so picky.” During the summer months she works with Gurosik’s Berry Plantation to provide the freshest local strawberries. The rest of the year she uses Fresh Market to get perfect strawberries out of season.

Along with the quality of the treat — sourcing the best organic strawberries and tempering chocolate to perfection — the level of artistic expression for each strawberry is paramount. From water-colored artful images to detailed and themed designs, The Red Berry Co. can create endless customizations for a delectable dessert any time of year. “I really enjoy interacting with people and making holidays special,” says Taylor.

Tori Taylor, owner of The Red Berry Co.

Even simple designs feature embellishments like sugar, edible glitter or lovely swirled chocolate. “I’ve been an artist since I picked up a pencil … the strawberries were an outlet for my creativity that felt meaningful because people were gifting them and enjoying them and I could focus on the quality of the strawberries,” she says. “I see them as edible art.” 

Order two weeks in advance for themed chocolate covered strawberries — perfect for baby or bridal showers, birthdays, holidays and special occasions. Chocolate options at The Red Berry Co. range from white to milk to dark and occasionally flavored chocolates like salted caramel, peanut butter and peppermint. 

Minimum orders start around $35/dozen. Place an order online at . Find them on Instagram at @theredberrycompany , and get information on special pop ups, seasonal designs, events, markets and collaborations with other local businesses!

“I see them as edible art.” 

Tori Taylor

Hand decorated strawberries by Tori Taylor.

Appears in the February/March issue of Augusta Magazine. 

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